Franklin Rosemont - Karl Marx and the Iroquois; the Ethnological Notebooks and their significance towards today's communist movement.
"There are works that come down to us with question-marks blazing like sawed-off shotguns, scattering here and there and everywhere sparks that illuminate our own restless search for answers."

Loren Goldner - The Agrarian Question in the Russian Revolution: from Material Human Community and Back
"... for [Marx], communism was first of all about the “material human community”, and not about forced-march industrialization and productivist five-year plans."

G.M. Tamas - Telling the truth about class
"... Marx (...) believes that capitalism (one speciļ¬c kind of society) might end in a way in which one of its fundamental classes, the proletariat, would abolish itself and thereby abolish capitalism itself."

Kosmoprolet - Jenseits der Agrarrevolution
"(...) dass die Sozialisten sich eines Problems anzunehmen hatten, dessen Lösung man eigentlich von der Entwicklung des Kapitalismus selbst erwartet hatte (...)"

Amadeo Bordiga - The revolutionary workers’ movement and the agrarian question (1947)
"(...) in Russia in 1917, where the conquest of power by the industrial proletariat not only achieved the first suppression of the principle of land rent but also the suppression of the feudal agrarian regime (...)" 

Loren Goldner - The historical moment that produced us; global revolution or recomposition of capital?
"That was then—still the era of the ascendant phase of capitalism on a world scale—and this is now."